No pupil left behind. Our small class programme is a separate unit where dedicated teachers motivate the pupils in a nurturing environment. It is not surprising that pupils achieve the best results in their schooling career. This encourages them to try even harder, and we observe a vastly improved self image.

The subjects provided by us open the doors for our pupils to achieve new heights and have self esteem.

Eden S.C.I.P. combines 3 important features to enable all its pupils to achieve their maximum potential.

1. A small class programme. Classes are very small enabling the specially trained teachers to give each child the special attention he or she may need.

2. The school follows main stream syllabuses parallel to the regular school, but they are adjusted where necessary. The unit follows an inclusion policy.

3. The Head of the S.C.I.P. unit carefully monitors the progress of pupils and liaises with parents on a regular basis.

EDEN COLLEGE encourages each pupil to reach his or her potential.