Centre of Remedial Education

The emphasis at CORE is on personal attention

Centre of Remedial Education

CORE is a small, caring, co-educational independent school that builds on a firmly established reputation of excellence spanning over 40 years. CORE provides personalised remedial education to learners in grade 1 through to grade 7. The classroom environment is highly supportive with classes kept small with a maximum of 14 learners allowing the unique needs of each child to be met. We provide an exceptional and vibrant educational experience for learners through a holistic program based on the CAPS curriculum, that includes a wide range of subjects, sport and cultural pursuits. The emphasis at CORE is on personal attention — socially, emotionally and academically.

‘Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire’ William Yates

Staff, Educators and Therapists

CORE is headed up by a team of dynamic educators who have specialities in both remedial education and academics. They are here to give your child the support that they need in order to succeed and are chosen for their ability to motivate your child to achieve their potential. Educators have been selected because of their past record of constant superb results. They are acknowledged leaders in their fields and are highly qualified, enthusiastic and capable of bringing the best out in your child. Personal support by an incomparable teaching team is the golden rule.

The Assessment and Therapy Centre

The Assessment and Therapy Centre is an essential part of our school. The Centre is one dimension of the partnership between parents, educators and other professionals. It utilises a multi-disciplinary approach to education and development for each learner who benefits from our services. We offer the services of a multitude of therapies and assessments to our learners. The Centre is a warm and supportive environment that strives to accommodate and bring out the best of each unique individual.

The services we offer include:
• Individual and Group Therapies
• Subject Choice and Career Guidance Assessments
• School Readiness Assessments and Screenings
• Full Psycho-Educational Assessments
• Psychological Assessments and Screenings
• Occupational Therapy Screenings, Assessments and Therapies
• Speech and Audiology Screenings, Assessments and Therapies
• Remedial Therapies
• Scholastic and Dyslexia Screenings, Assessments and Therapies
• Play, Narrative and Psycho-Therapy
• Trauma Counselling and Debriefing
• Referrals to lists of preferred providers should that be a requirement.

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