Head of Eden Preparatory Durban

Mrs Greta Peens
Mrs Greta Peens Head of Preparatory

Mrs Greta Peens heads up the Preparatory School at Eden College, Durban.
Greta received her four year Teaching Diploma from Durban Teachers’ Training College (Dokkies) in 1995. She majored in Mathematics, Afrikaans, Geography and Speech and Drama. She began her teaching career at Dirkie Uys Primary School where she taught a variety of subjects from Grade 4 to 7. She then moved on to Woodlands Primary School, teaching all subjects in Grade 7.
Greta took up an offer at Eden in 2007 and taught children from Grade 5 to 7. In 2009 she was promoted to the position of HOD of the Senior Primary Phase and in July 2011 was confirmed as Head of Eden’s Preparatory School. The teaching of Mathematics is close to her heart and she still teaches Mathematics in Grade 6 and 7. In the past, Greta has been fully involved in school sport – especially in hockey, with responsibilities ranging from coaching school teams to managing Zonal sides.
She firmly believes that the children in her care should have the opportunity to develop not just strong academic values but also be encouraged to blossom in sport and cultural activities.
Her passion, drive and enthusiasm ensure that her leadership is by example and the individual needs of children are addressed in order to nurture a happy and productive environment where learning and growing can best take place.