Grade 8 and 9 HSS are great years as this is the one time when we have the opportunity to “play” a little with the syllabus. This enables us to introduce the learners to a taste of some of the most fascinating aspects of our recent past.
In Grade 8 we do a combination of this that works very well “cross-curricularily” with a number of other arts subjects such as Specialist Art and Drama, English ( Renaissance Art + Shakespeare), Geography and Business Science (the Industrial Revolution). We then continue on to the drama and tragedy of trench warfare and World War 1.
It is fair to say that in Grade 9 we look at some of the great evils of the 20th Century. We start off looking at the disasterous Treaty of Versailles and from there look at the rise of Hitler and the Nazis, the Holocaust, culminating in a whirl-wind tour of World War 2. Lastly we look at Apartheid, its effects, resistance and how we finally attained Freedom.
Social Sciences: Geography content coming soon…