Physical Science
Physical Science is an elective subject being offered in the FET Phase. It is an exciting ,stimulating subject which encourages lateral thought and fosters many skills, particularly interpretation, logical reasoning and problem solving. It provides students with relevant knowledge of the natural and technological world within their own experience so they develop an awareness of Science as an aspect of culture and the implications for man and the world in which he lives.
The work covered in Grade 10, 11 and 12 forms the basis of the FET Education. This is a generalised education which is skills based and follows from the Grade 8 and 9 Curriculum. There is a greater emphasis on CASS (Continuous Assessment) throughout the three year period.
The syllabus includes Physics and Chemistry:
The Physics section deals with the forces of nature and topics such as Mechanics, Kinematics, light, waves, magnetism and electricity are included in the curriculum.
The Chemistry section deals with the chemical composition and chemical reactions of substances known to man as well as their relevance to everyday life. As a result, the course includes a good deal of experimentation through practical applications where students can see and discover for themselves.
Physical Science is a demanding but extremely rewarding subject which requires consistent application and ability to work independently. A sound pass in both Mathematics and Physical Science in Grade 9 is a definite pre-requisite for
success in the subject.
Physical Science is a subject required by a wide selection of careers including industrial chemistry , medicine, agriculture, mining, engineering, geology, botany and metallurgy.