Life Orientation is a compulsory subject for the FET Phase. As defined by the NCS Document, Life Orientation is the study of one’s self in relation to others and to society. It applies a holistic approach. It is concerned with the personal, social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, motor and physical growth and development of learners, in order for learners to maximise their potential and fulfill a meaningful role in society.
Life Orientation guides and prepares learners for life, and for its responsibilities and possibilities . This subject addresses knowledge, values, attitudes and skills about one’s self, the environment, responsible citizenship, a healthy and productive life, social engagement, recreation and physical activity, and career choices. It equips learners to solve problems, to make informed decisions and choices, and to take appropriated actions to enable them to live meaningfully and successfully in a rapidly-changing society.
Assessment in this subject will take many forms including written tasks, tests and examinations, projects, action research, design-and-make activities, demonstrations and oral work. Individual and group work will be utilized.
At the end of each school term, the learner will receive an L.O. mark. This mark is comprised of 2 components: A form assessment by the L.O. teacher in the classroom; and an assessment based on work covered in during Physical Education classes. Assessment is purely internal and even in Grade 12 there will be no external examination although the subject will be externally moderated. Students must cover 5 internal tasks per year from Grade 10 to 12 which include practical demonstration activities. They also have to do at least 1 external certificate (preferably 2) per year. This means that by the end of Grade 12, each student should of completed 15 tasks between 3 and 6 external certificate tasks. All assessment must be kept in the Student’s Portfolio which will be externally moderated in his/her Grade 12 year. The pass mark is a minimum of 40%. L.O must be passed in order to gain entry into University!
Life Orientation is an inter-disciplinary subject that draws on and integrates knowledge, values, skills and processes embedded in various disciplines such as Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Human Movement, Science, Labour Studies and Industrial Studies. Hence its aim is to prepare young people for life whilst at school and in all walks of life in the future.