Information Technology is an elective subject being offered in the FET Phase.
Information Technology (I.T.) as a subject is of immense usefulness in any area of study and in any career in the modern world, both as a primary field of endeavour as well as in other career fields.
In order to achieve and excel at Information Technology, students must have a high degree of problem solving ability and be able to think logically and systematically. Ideally, they should be good achievers in Mathematics. Communication and language skills are also desirable.
Information Technology incorporates three distinctly different areas of application:
Programming Java is used and the focus is on software development using appropriate development tools, especially database design
Theory Hardware, Modern Computing and Industry trends, Utility packages and Operating Environment, the Internet and Data Communication
Application Packages e.g. Word, Excel, Access, Power Point Publisher etc.
Most of the class time is spent learning to program in Java. The pupils are required to spend a large amount of time at home coding in Java and researching theoretical topics. There is a strong emphasis on problem solving and vocational preparation.
The students are required to have a Computer at home with the following software loaded:
Microsoft Office Suite (for your own account)
Java Software Development Kit (Freeware)
IDE Software: J Grasp (Freeware)
Internet access at home is highly recommended.
The students require a maximum of two textbooks each year; one for theory and one for programming. Students are also required to purchase a Flash Drive.