Geography is an elective subject offered at Eden College. It is a subject which looks at the world around us – both the natural and social environments within which we live and with which we interact.
As a school subject, it embraces a wide field of topics, including the study of natural features of the earth (such as rivers and volcanoes); the oceans; population studies (including problems such as overpopulation); climatological studies (such as weather-forecasting and droughts); environmental issues (such as pollution, acid rain and energy supplies); developmental studies and economic studies. Throughout, students are taught the skills of map and photograph interpretation as well as the reading of graphs, tables and other statistics vital to the geographer. Geographical Information Systems, a computer mapping tool, will be introduced. This package has wide application in business today and is used by engineers, telecommunication and local municipalities.
Geography relates well to other scientific subjects such as Life Sciences and Physical Science and to the humanities such as History. Many of the skills learnt including graphical representation, interpretation of resource material and decision-making are relevant in later life. Geography makes one think and apply.
Opportunities for employment in the field of Geography are constantly broadening. They include the fields of climatological research, urban and regional planning, land use studies, environmental conservation, industrial and transportation planning, most engineering disciplines, tourism and travel, as well as international trading and business.