French is offered as a Second Additional Language. Students of French extend their knowledge of spoken and written language and various aspects of French culture: music art, gourmet food, architecture, fashion, etc. In Grades 10, 11 and 12 students are also exposed to literature and poetry as part of the syllabus, although the emphasis continues to fall on practical French which will be useful in career choices. Oral work is an important part of assessment.
Did you know more than 200 million people speak French around the world?
Did you know that 100 million fellow Africans, in 26 African countries, speak French?
Did you know that today, South Africa trades with most of these countries?
Did you know that many highly paid jobs in South Africa today demand French as a requirement? It is a valued skill even in careers like Engineering where many companies are multi-national
Did you know that our burgeoning tourism, fashion and hospitality industries and desperate for French speakers?
Did you know that it is possible to go to a French-speaking country to learn the language first-hand?
Did you know that the French government offers generous bursaries for students who wish to continue their studies in France (Medicine, Engineering etc).