“Imagination, Industry and Intelligence
– ‘The Three I’s –
are all indispensable to the actor, but of these
three the greatest is, without doubt, Imagination.”
Ellen Terry, Memoirs

Dramatic Arts is an elective subject and comprises:
Practical components
Theoretical components
Over the 3 years, we study the development of theatre from primitive ritual to contemporary, European, American and South African; basic film study and performance. The principle of Drama Arts are explored through the study of play texts and their related periods of theatre history.
Through the exploration of practical drama (poetry, prose, play scenes, mime, movement, improvisation, play building), the students develop self confidence, an awareness and understanding of others, and integral qualities for successful, effective living.
A number of skills are developed:
communication skills, both audible and visible, co-operation and negotiation skills through group interaction, confidence and poise
self discipline, control, concentration, stimulation of creative expression and imagination
interpretative skills
enhanced language development and performance skills
the ability to explore and express issues, ideas and perceptions
One of the reasons man has enjoyed this particular art form is because it is fun, allows us to escape from the everyday routines of chores and homework and is thus a welcome relief from the more structured subjects providing the learner with the opportunity to be creative.
The playwright Berthold Brecht once said the theatre “needs no other passport than fun”
Dramatic Arts as a subject is an invaluable asset to any learner no matter what the career choice.