Dance Studies is now a recognised elective in the National Curriculum Statement. The learning outcomes for Dance Studies as specified in the FET Document are:
Improvisation and Composition/Choreography
Performance Technique and style in various Dance disciplines (Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Ballroom and Latin American – all at a specified level)
Dance Theory including Anatomy, History of Dance, Theory of Dance and Music
South African Indigenous Dance and Cross Cultural Dance
Assessment of the above includes:
Day by day assessment, written tests, text-based assessment (research projects and written
assignments), process-based assessment (improvisation and choreography: solo’s, duets, trios and groups) and observation-based assessment (practical dance class work). Class work marks take into consideration daily class involvement, progress, participation, attitude towards subject and fellow dancers, initiative, resourcefulness and attention to detail, attendance, punctuality and discipline. Multi-media tasks such as power point presentations are also used.
There will be a written theory exam of 2 to 3 hours in both June and October for Grades 10 to 12 as well as practical exams which will be internally and /or externally assessed.
Students who take Dance Studies as a subject for Grades 10 to 12 MUST:
Take note that there is a set Eden dress code for dance class and rehearsals
Participate in and attend ALL Dance related shows, rehearsals, classes and extra lessons at school and at alternate venues if required
Take cognizance of the fact that rehearsals and extra lessons are often held before school, in the evenings and on the weekends
Attend Dance classes extra-curricular either with Miss Jacobs or continue with their studio teachers (this does not replace the requirements in the point mentioned above and must be done up until trials of Grade 12)
Learners may be required to participate in the Grade 12 choreography works, this also includes attendance of matric rehearsals and completion of questionnaires.
Dance Studies as a National Curriculum Statement subject is a demanding yet extremely rewarding option!
What will you gain?
You will get out what you put into Dance! You will have fun, work hard, make good friends, gain in stage confidence, improve musicality, co-ordination and stance, perform on stage and have a sound knowledge of the human body and its anatomical structure and safe usage.
It will enhance your overall dance education.