Business Studies used to be referred to as Business Economics in our previous Senior
Certificate Examination and is an elective in its present status in the National Curriculum Statement.
Business Studies will ensure that learners:
acquire and apply essential business knowledge, skills and principles
create business opportunities while respecting human rights and the environment
apply basic leadership and management skills and principles to accomplish
business goals
are lifelong leaders who manage themselves and their activities
are committed to developing others through business ventures
are able to pursue either formal employment or entrepreneurial activities
Learning Outcome 1: Business Environment
This outcome deals with elements of the business environments that impact on business activities. Contemporary factors such as globilisation, relevant legislations, socio-economic issues, infectious diseases and the challenges that these provide for businesses will be analysed.
Learning Outcome 2: Business Ventures
This outcome focuses on the generation of ideas, research, drawing up and presentation of business plans and business information and the development and implementation of achievable action plans.
Ideas related to initiating a business- such as entrepreneurship, forms of ownership, location factors, legal considerations (e.g. contracts), and social and environmental issues.
Learning Outcome 3: Business Roles
The primary focus of this outcome is on preparing learners to apply self management skills and to be professional business practitioners, collaborators and team members, innovators, entrepreneurs and citizens.
Critical issues such as community development, diversity, team dynamics,leadership, professionalism, ethical practice, professional growth, as well as managing and adapting to change and transformation are included.
Learning Outcome 4: Business Operations
This outcome focuses on the following business functions: Administration,finance, general management, human resources, marketing, production, purchasing and public relations.
Assessment Requirements:
Work will be assessed throughout the year.
At the end of three years of study, our students will have great insight into how a business operates, be able to follow a career in business management sciences and start their own business.