Visual Arts is an elective subject which is offered at many schools for the FET Certificate. It is a dynamic subject which is both creatively and emotionally rewarding.
Natural talent is important but students who love Art Theory or History also make successful students.
For a student of the Visual Arts, creativity is both diverse and challenging. All students develop drawing skills in a variety of drawing media, as well as creative problem-solving skills.
However, for the ‘creativity’ content, student’s work is as far ranging as painting in oil, acrylic or water colour and using the computer for computer generated art. Fashion is also a very popular option on this campus. Students have produced sculptures, video documentaries and short movies. Photography is a popular option too.
Art Theory involves the study of both International and South African Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.
Practical artwork is assessed in Grade 12 at a final Art Exhibition as well as through a series of 3 days’ worth of practical examinations which will involve 3 X 6 hours of creative practical work.
The theory examination in Grade 12 consists of one 3 hour theory exam based on work which is both international and local artists and architects.
Visual Arts is useful in developing students’ abilities and skills in order to follow a career in Fine Arts, Fashion, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Photography, Jewellery Design, Journalism, any creative media, and much much more!
Pupils from this campus have been selected to study at Universities, Technikons, Vega School of Design and AFDA Film School in Johannesburg.
Many people make a very lucrative career in the creative arts, following their dreams and their love of art! Be one of them!