Eden College offers a limited number of academic and merit scholarships to incoming students each year.

Learners with exceptional academic ability or those that have achieved recognition in the arts or sport may apply for a bursary or scholarship at the school.

Academic Scholarships

There is a special application process which includes annual Scholarship Examinations that are usually written in mid-March. Award decisions are based on the results of these English and Mathematics Scholarship examinations as well as Admission Applications. Where required, an interview may also form part of the process.

The main scholarship examinations are written by pupils in grades 7 and 9 for admission to grades 8 and 10 in the following year, however, truly exceptional students in other high school grades are invited to submit a CV and full academic record for consideration.

Special Scholarships

On occasion, a gifted pupil who is truly exceptional in one or more fields applies to the school and is awarded a Special Scholarship. Pupils who may be interested in applying for this form of scholarship should be excellent scholars with a solid academic record as well as a rare and award-winning talent. The areas in which the school has considered previous candidates are: Art, Dance, Drama, Music, Debating and Sport. Bearing in mind that Eden offers a choice of Art, Dance, Drama and Music as matriculation subjects alongside all other ‘regular’ subjects, one can understand why there continues to be a demand for this).

Certain Considerations

At Eden, unless stated otherwise in the letter awarding the scholarship, the award runs for the duration of the pupil’s tenure at the school. Please note that there are a few provisors to the continuation of the scholarship from year to year, though it is almost unheard of for the following issues to cause a problem:

1.     Scholarship pupils are awarded special concessions because of their rare talent and hard work. Should their performance drop substantially without reasonable cause and, after interventions by the parents, school and counseling department, not begin to improve – the school reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship.

2.     Scholarship pupils are awarded special concessions because of their rare talent and hard work. Should they refuse to become involved in the greater life of the school, refusing to belong to or help with various projects, teams and clubs, after counseling and warnings, they could lose their scholarship.

3.     In the unlikely situation where a scholarship pupil breaks a major aspect of the Code of Conduct or continually transgresses more minor aspects of said code, the scholarship could be revoked.

4.     The awarding of a scholarship is a wonderful achievement, however, the details regarding the scholarship value / amount are STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL as this is a private matter between the parent and the school. Should it become apparent that the family has discussed this with others, the school maintains the right to revoke said scholarship.

If you are interested in a scholarship please contact Mandi Harris (011) 445 3941 or for further details.