Eden is a small, caring, co-educational independent school that builds on a firmly established reputation of excellence spanning over 40 years. This leading secular school provides a unique and vibrant educational experience for students from Grade 000 to Grade 12. It offers a holistic curriculum that includes a wide range of set and optional subjects, sport and cultural pursuits.

As a co-educational, secular school, we celebrate the diversity of cultures in a cosmopolitan South Africa and respect religious practices and holidays of various faiths. Eden is geared for the pupil interested in a small school experience of excellence where the emphasis is on personal attention — socially, emotionally and academically.

If you would like to venture on an exciting journey in which to realize your academic potential and gain confidence to succeed in life, there can be no better school to guide, motivate and extend your horizons on this all important journey…

From the day you enter EDEN COLLEGE, you embark on a path of change and discovery unlike that of other school experiences. Every moment counts, because EDEN staff are dedicated to helping you complete your high school education while you build the academic skills to study further. Along with academic skills, EDEN nurtures growth and individuality. Administrative doors are always open. Pupils are encouraged to become involved with life in and out of the classroom.

Along the path, you learn to achieve goals, take personal responsibility, and see yourself in a positive light. Through these experiences, you find a direction. And when you move on at the end of your stay, you have gained in confidence and motivation. EDEN is really geared for the pupil interested in a small school experience. The emphasis is on personal attention – socially and academically.

The EDEN staff are here to give you the support you need to succeed. EDEN teachers are chosen for their ability to motivate you to achieve your potential. Teachers have been selected because of their past record of constant superb results. They are acknowledged leaders in their fields and are highly qualified, enthusiastic and capable of bringing the best out of you. At EDEN personal support by an incomparable teaching team is the golden rule.

Thank you for your interest in our school.