Matric Results


Once again, Eden matriculants have outdone themselves. The average of 3,5 As per candidtaes still being one of the top results in South Africa. Congratulations and well done to all of these students.

EDEN Matric Class of 2012b

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In January 2011 we congratualted the Class of 2010 on attaining possibly the best results in South Africa for that year (NSC 2010). Well, the Class of 2011 improved on that by attaining an average of 4,2 A's per candidate in the 2011 matric examinations. Eden College Durban would be interested to hear of ANY school in South Africa that attained a better average than this. These results are truly world class and our school community is incredibly proud of all the hard work put in by the pupils, staff and parents - CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF 2011!!

Eden Matric Results Mercury 6Jan2012b

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When one considers the focus on academics in schooling and, in particular, matriculation results; Eden College is one of the top schools in South Africa. The Class of 2010 attained an average of over 4 A symbols per candidate with an average aggregate of 81,9% across the grade. This is possibly the best statistic from any school throughout South Africa!
Eden matric ad final 2010 wiggs

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caxtons matric 2009 ad 2 

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